Create music beats using GrooveMixer Drum Machine

Create a simple beat with Groove Mixer step-by-step

In this tutorial we will create a simple beat using GrooveMixer Drum Machine. First screen you see when GrooveMixer app is started:

First screen of GrooveMixer

You are in the song sequencer. It is a place where you can mix patterns (beats). So you next step is to open pattern for creating a beat. Press "Pattern 1" button on the left side. You will see empty pattern sequencer:

empty pattern sequencer

Pattern sequencer where you can create music beat/loop. As you see it has 8 channels (instruments) and it has 16 bars length.

Your next step is to select an instrument by pressing first "empty" channel on the left side. You will see a sample explorer with default drumkits:

sample explorer with default drumkits

Select "Linn" folder by touch:

Linn drumkits

And touch A-LinnBD_6.wav file. If you do that you will see GrooveMixer sample list with this file:

sample list with A-LinnBD_6.wav file

Now you must assign an instrument from sample list with pattern channel. Just touch "A-LinnBD_6.wav" to get this picture:

A-LinnBD_6.wav set to channel

Let's add other drums. Touch second channel with "empty" label. Press "Add" button on the right side of Sample List screen and find "A-LinnHH_1.wav" file. Repeat this step for all necessary files to get the following sample list:

sample list with Linn drums

Touch "A-LinnSNR_6.wav" sample to set it for second channel. Do the same for 3rd - "A-LinnHH_1.wav". For 4th - "A-LinnHHOp.wav" and for 5th - "A-LinnPerc10.wav".

Now you are ready to create a simple beat. Touch cells (bars) similar to red cells from screenshot below:

create a simple beat

You can press Menu button (on the top of screen or hardware Menu button on your device) and select "Play" item to hear a basic beat.

Next step is to add hihats and percussions to a basic beat you have:

adding hihats and percussions

As you can hear some drums are sounds louder then others. To fix it, press Menu button and select "Mixer" item. Then set the same values:

channel mixer

Now it must sound much better!

OK. You created a pattern with simple beat. But now let's create a simple track →.

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