Create music beats using GrooveMixer Drum Machine

How to create a simple song with Groove Mixer

In the previous tutorial you learn how to create a pattern with simple beat. Now let's create a simple track. You need to return back to the song sequencer by pressing Back button.

song sequencer with pattern1

Do long touch for "Pattern 1" button to call Pattern menu. In the popup menu select clone:

song sequencer with cloned pattern1

Open cloned pattern for editing and modify channels "A-LinnBD_6", "A-LinnSNR_6" and "A-LinnPerc10.wav" as shown on the screenshot:

edit cloned pattern1

Back to song sequencer to set pattern sequence:

pattern sequence

Add 3rd pattern by touching "Add pattern" from Menu. Add "A-LinnRide.wav" sample and attach it to first channel:

A-LinnRide.wav pattern

Now you final step is to mix "Pattern 3" with other patterns:

mixing patterns

If you press Play, you will hear the same sound:

When the track is created you can save it. To do that you must call Menu and "Save/Load" item:

saving track

Set a song name and press Save button. That's all!

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