Make Beat with GrooveMixer

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create your first music beat with GrooveMixer app. Swipe down to read or watch video this tutorial on YouTube.


New groove

Touch menu and select "New groove" item

new groove

Pattern 1

Touch pattern to edit it


Add sounds to the project

Touch empty channel

edit pattern

Empty sample list

Touch icon to add sounds from your sdcard

empty sample list

File manager

Touch "808" folder to open it

file manager

Add sample

Swipe down and touch 808-hhc.wav sound. Add it to the sample list

add samples

Add kick drum

Do the same to add 808-kick.wav sound

add kick sample

Add snare drum

Add 808-snare.wav sound and press back to close file manager

add snare drum

Sample list with added sounds

Now you need to pick a sound to current channel and go back to pattern editor

pick a sound to channel

Add notes

Pick other sounds to other channels and add notes by touching cells

drum pattern

Rename pattern

Let's rename pattern with long touch on it

rename drum pattern

Set pattern name

Confirm a name and add new pattern

confirm pattern name

Pattern 2

Touch Pattern 2 to edit it

pattern 2

Edit Pattern 2

Add sounds and notes like on the picture

edit pattern 2

Edit Pattern 3

edit pattern 3

Edit and save the track

Touch cells like on the picture. Play the track (the first left button on the top).
Save your song

the groove track

Save the track

Type a name. Choose groove format. Press Save button

save the track

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